Lobbying the Rail Minister over Robin Hood Line plans

May 28, 2015


Yesterday in Westminster I met the Rail Minister Claire Perry to talk in more details about plans for the Robin Hood Line, which has now received the backing of both the PM and the Chancellor.


The Minister is very supportive of the project and we discussed the next steps that need to be taken to get the project off the ground. We are now waiting on the County Council to put together their bid for funding, and to outline their proposals for the line. 


With that in mind I am working to set up a meeting of local representatives; the County Council, local District Councillors in the relevant areas and myself, to get this moving as quickly as possible.



Whilst I had the Minister's attention, I also brought up a local concern that I am dealing with for a resident, about accessibility of local train stations. I've been out taking signatures for a petition to improve Kirkby station and there are several others with similar problems with disabled access. I've passed this on to the Minister and intend to hand in the petition in Parliament.

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