Talking parking with Rydal Drive residents

July 3, 2015

Today I met the County Council, Police, and local residents of Rydal Drive and neighbouring areas, that are affected by parking issues around Hillside Primary School. Representatives from the school came along too to discuss the problems and see if we could find a solution.


It was great that we could get all of the relevant bodies there with residents to talk about the issue. Obviously it’s true that near enough every school in the country has issues with parking at key times during the day. We’re fortunate at Hillside Primary that the school do a lot to communicate the issues to parents. To a certain extent it comes with the territory but it’s frustrating that whilst the vast majority of parents are very conscientious, there is a small minority that really cause problems.


I think it’s always worth having the discussion with the residents and I hope that we’ve shared opinions and some options to go forward. I’m going to talk to the relevant authorities and try to get some more visibility here from local Enforcement Officers. I’ll keep everybody up to date with progress.



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