A new national living wage rising to £9/h, and other key Budget measures


We've seen some big announcements today in George Osborne's Budget, supporting working people to get on with wage rises and tax cuts. Some of the key measures are listed below, with more details to follow:


- No increase in fuel duty
- A new roads fund so that car tax will pay for road improvements
- More money for our NHS, which will be the big priority
- Fairer inheritance tax so we can leave our homes to our children
- Further crack downs on tax avoidance and an end to permanent Non-Dom status

- Also personal tax allowance will rise to £11k, saving people £900 per year in tax.
- Defence budget will rise every year of this Parliament
- Working Age Benefits to be frozen, so that wage rises will outstrip benefits rises.
- Free 30 hours childcare for 3 and 4 year olds as promised.

- A new benefits cap of £20,000 outside of London.

- A new & compulsary national living wage that will rise to £9 per hour by 2020! That means that for those on minimum wage, wages will rise by a third in this Parliament

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