Ashfield's plans to shrink our bins

November 19, 2015

On tuesday Ashfield District Council approved plans to shrink the size of Hucknall's waste bins (the black ones), at a cost of £1.3 million pounds. They would see us all give up our current black bins and receive new ones, as pictured below.


Conservative and Indpendent Councillors argued against the changes, due to the excessive cost and the risk of increased fly-tipping, as well as concerns over whether families will be able to cope with smaller bins as there has been no public conultation. However the vote was passed as all Labour Councillors voted in favour. Of the 10 Hucknall Councillors only Conservatives Cllr Ben Bradley and Cllr Mick Murphy spoke at the meeting on behalf of residents.


Do get in touch with any comments or concers. You can sign a petition against the proposals BY CLICKING HERE




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