Newly elected Conservatives having a positive impact in Hucknall

February 27, 2016

It is clear that since last May's election, the addition of four Conservative District Councillors in Hucknall has had a very positive impact on the local area.


After a decade of the Council rejecting free parking for the town centre, we now have some provision of free parking (though still only half of what we'd ideally like). The Conservative Group have improved communication with residents through local press and social media, perhaps especially via Councillor Bradley's Facebook Page (click here to see and follow it).


They are working hard to hold the Council to account and have campaigned against plans for smaller bins (at great cost to us all), against Council tax rises that  have come without explanation or justification, and against the Council Leadership's constant attempts to avoid or ignore the views of local people.


It's good to have an opposition in Hucknall who really listen to residents and I'm proud of the work they've done. 

I shared two fine examples on my Facebook this week:

  • Councillor Bradley has been working on road safety concerns around his North ward, and has been successful in his applications for an interactive speed sign to slow traffic on Papplewick Lane, as well as new signage on Linby Road that will be installed soon.


  • Councillor Mick Murphy has been supporting a local man who can't reach his own front door in his wheelchair due to a mistake by the County Council, putting a dropped kerb in the wrong place. Mick has picked up his case and is fighting to get it fixed.



These examples are just a small part of their work and show how the Conservatives are hhaving a positive effect in Hucknall. 

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