Supporting Bestwood residents on speeding

MP backs residents road safety bid



Bestwood Village volunteers were boosted this week by the support of their local MP Mark Spencer, along with Ashfield’s Conservative leader Cllr Ben Bradley. Mr Spencer and Cllr Bradley met with volunteers undertaking a ‘Speedwatch’’ session along Moor Road, which is of course the boundary between Ashfield and Gedling as well as the main route through the village.


The group discussed a number of local concerns including the ongoing work around the future of the village’s Social Club, but the key concern was the speed and safety of Moor Road whilst heavy goods vehicles continue to be diverted through the village. Stephen Glover, a local resident who coordinated getting volunteers trained on the equipment, said it is making a real difference; ‘‘Just in the time we’ve been here this morning we’ve seen a lot of vehicles doing over 35 miles an hour who see us with the hi-vis jackets on and slow right down. We’re here three days a week so hopefully people see us and then will slow down in future because they expect us to be here. It’s quieter now during the school holidays but that can mean speeds are higher because it’s not congested, and the lorries going over the road humps at speed make a real racket’’.


Mr Spencer said that ‘people power’ is achieving real results; ‘‘I often find that the real positive impacts in villages like this happen when residents come together like this. I have been in constant discussion with the County Council about the problems related to this diversion both in Bestwood and in Hucknall, and there’s been a real reluctance to make major improvements. Here though the residents are still able to make changes for the better by getting out here and taking action. That’s because they have some great local volunteers and community leaders with the right structure and support that have been able to bring this together. On the Hucknall side Cllr Bradley has worked to set up a new residents group for the area most affected by the diversion and we hope that they may also be able to take on projects like this in the future, which is positive news.’’


Earlier in the year the Sherwood MP worked with residents and the Parish Council to secure funds towards a number of road safety proposals, including for training a new lollipop lady for Moor Road to make crossing at school times easier. This post is as yet unfilled, and the community is still looking for a volunteer to help them in this role for 6-8 weeks from September through to the end of the Station Road Bridge Diversion. If you can help please do contact Mark on for details. Similar positions for Papplewick Lane and Linby Road in Hucknall have been successfully filled.


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