Positive message from Conservative Conference

October 6, 2016


Conservative Party Conference this week made it clear that, whilst Labour fall out amongst themselves and UKIP fall to pieces, the Conservatives are putting ordinary working people first.


Theresa May talked in her speech about fairness and equality of opportunity. How she will work to make sure that everyone, regardless of their wealth or background, has the same chance to get on in life and that success comes to those who take those opportunities and put in the graft, not just to those with the money and the contacts.


For the first time the Government, any Government, is making those that work hard and contribute, normal working people, the priority instead of the afterthought. It's always seemed that whilst the poorest rightly get lots of help and support and the richest seem to be able to do what they like, it's the hardworking low-income taxpayers that always miss out - as the Prime Minister said ''a change needs to come'' and it's those people that will be the basis of the decisions she makes for the Country.


There are lots of old and outdated stereotypes out there about what being a Conservative means, but the facts are clear. Some say the Conservatives don't support the NHS, but the fact is the only party that has ever cut the NHS is Labour, the party that privatised the most NHS services is Labour, whilst the Conservatives increased the budget by £10 billion in this Parliament to support our health system.


Some say the Conservatives are just toffs who look after the rich, but the fact is theConservatives are the only party fighting for working people. Employment is at it's highest ever level, wages are rising faster than prices, childcare provision for working parents will double in 2017 - all whilst Labour are more interested in pointless protests and debating their socialist ideology than in actually fighting for the man in the street... We heard today at Conference from a postman, a supermarket manager and a miner amongst many others - all of them Conservative MPs - hardworking normal people themselves.


Labour aren't listening on the EU either. Whilst the country voted to Leave the EU this June, Labour are still talking about second referendums and about ignoring the whole thing. It's the Conservatives who offered people that choice, and now the choice is made it's the Conservatives that will negotiate the very best deal to build Britain as a new and outward looking trading nation, to mitigate the impact of the upheaval and to take the opportunities that Brexit offers.


We are the sensible and capable party of Government, and we're committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to get on in life and succeed through their own talents and hard work. We'll build a country that works for everyone.

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