A positive Autumn Statement

November 23, 2016


Some fantastic announcements in the Autumn Statement to support people and businesses in the coming months and years, and to invest in our local infrastructure including:


- A further rise in the Income Tax Threshold so we all pay no tax on the first £11,500 of our income.


- Increasing the Living Wage again in April to £7.50 an hour


- Cancelling the rise in Fuel Duty for the seventh year running, saving the average car driver £130 a year.


- A 23bn investment in innovation and infrastructure over 5 years to make us more efficient and effective as a country


- £2.3bn additional funding for housing in high-demand areas and a further £1.4bn for more affordable homes.


- £1.4bn more for local public transport and £1.8bn funding for Local Growth in the English Regions


- Funding for 2,500 more Prison Officers to support existing staff and make sure prisons are safer and more secure.


- In addition there will be no more money taken from the Welfare Budget in this Parliament.

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