Stay of Execution for Edgewood



The good news is that for the time being Edgewood is ok. ADC have deferred the decision for a few months (conveniently until after the County Council elections) in order to investigate the possibility of moving the swimming there to Hucknall LC.


That means for now no changes, but they are looking at the feasibility of moving all swimming to Hucknall and at the cost of having a teaching pool there instead. If they decide that is a viable option then they will close Edgewood and move everything to Hucknall. That decision will be made later this year so in truth it's not ''saved'' but has been given a stay of execution. There would be pros and cons to that obviously that will be looked at during the process.


The good news is that public pressure and concerted campaigning has made a difference and Labour have recognised that closure would be hugely unpopular (hence delaying it until after they have asked for your vote in May!) but the war isn't over by any stretch and we need to continue to fight for its future. The Conservative group remain committed to securing the funding for the future of Edgewood in this year's Budget proposals.


The headline is a bit misleading as it's not 'saved', just delayed, but SEE THE COVERAGE HERE




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