Police & Crime Bill gets Royal Assent

February 6, 2017

I'm delighted that the Policing Minister has managed to get this Bill through the house, which will support my campaign to give more powers to our local officers.


Because of this Bill, Police and Crime Commissioners can now choose to give additional powers to people like our PCSOs, to give them more teeth and help them to be effective in our communities.


One of my biggest concerns has been that dangerous or obstructive parking is simply not enforced in our towns and villages, because only fully warranted Constables can deal with it and there are very few of those. By extending those powers to PCSOs (or even Council Officers too) the capacity to deal with those issues, which cause genuine danger on our roads, could increase by 8 or 10 times.


I wrote to the PCC in the Autumn to notify him of this Bill, and I'll be getting in touch with him again to make sure he takes this action to support our local Officers.


Here is the news from the Policing Minister's Facebook page:


Brandon Lewis

31 January at 22:27 · 

The Policing & Crime Act gained Royal Assent today. This new Act will further deliver on the reforms to policing and the fire service that this government has been moving forward.
For more details use this link: https://www.gov.uk/…/policing-and-crime-bill-receives-royal…

You can also see a short webcast here:




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