Campaigning for a 'Real Time Display' for the bus stop in Newstead Village

December 20, 2018


LOCAL Member of Parliament, Mark Spencer, has launched a campaign for a ‘Real Time display’ at a bus stop in Newstead Village.


Following calls from local residents, Sherwood’s MP Mark Spencer has launched a campaign for an electronic bus timetable to be installed at a bus stop in Newstead village. Of the two bus stops in the village, only one currently has a ‘Real Time display’, to the dismay of some local residents.


Discussing why he has launched this campaign, MP Mark Spencer said: “I was contacted by residents of Newstead village who raised their concerns about not having a ‘Real Time Display’ on one of the two bus stops in the village. I went out to have a look myself at the stop, and sure enough, there isn’t any kind of digital timetable at the stop.”


“When you only have two stops at the village, one in and one out, knowing when the next bus in real time is is invaluable for people waiting for the bus.”


“As such, I contacted Nottinghamshire County Council to ask for one to be installed, but unfortunately I have been told that it is not a priority. As such, I want to get as much support from local residents as possible, so the Council can see that, for the people of Newstead Village, it is a priority.”


Mark’s team spent an afternoon delivering an update leaflet to every household in Newstead, approximately 500 households, so all residents were made aware and given the opportunity to voice their thoughts and opinions to Mark and his team.”


‘Real Time Displays’ are electronic screens at bus stops that show when the bus is due to arrive in real time. Currently, ‘RTD’s are in use across the County at various stops.







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