Stronger counter-terrorism to defend the United Kingdom

February 14, 2019

This week the Counter Terrorism and Border Security Bill became law.


It strengthens our ability as a nation to prevent and to fight terrorism, and encompasses a number of new powers. These include:

  • a new power to stop, question, search and detain an individual at a port or border area to determine whether they are, or have been, involved in hostile state activity

  • creating an offence of entering or remaining in an area outside the United Kingdom that has been designated by the Home Secretary if it is necessary for protecting the public from terrorism

  • updating the offence of obtaining information likely to be useful to a terrorist to cover material that is only viewed or streamed, rather than downloaded to form a permanent record

  • an increase to the maximum penalty for certain preparatory terrorism offences to 15 years’ imprisonment

  • extending the offence of inviting support for a proscribed organisation

  • a requirement for terrorist offenders to provide additional information to the police in line with what registered sex offenders must provide

  • establishing an independent review of Prevent, the government’s strategy for supporting those vulnerable to radicalisation


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This is something I feel strongly about, so am very pleased that this has become law.


If you want to find out more, please visit:



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