Record Employment Figures

March 5, 2019


Newly released figures show the number of people now in work is at a record high, with wages growing at their fastest rate in over a decade.


Currently, the employment rate is at a record 75.8%, which is up a total of 5.6 since the Conservatives were elected in 2010. This means the number of unemployed  has been reduced by 1.15 million since 2010.


Additionally, there are now over 1.6 million more women in work than in 2010, and the employment rate among ethnic minority groups is up 66.5%.


The figures for youth unemployment have almost halved since 2010, with over 429,000 fewer young people out of work.


Nearly 1 million disabled people have entered work since 2013, as barriers that may have previously prevented them from being employed are being broken down.


Discussing the figures, Sherwood's MP Mark Spencer said:


"This is absolutely fantastic news, both on a national level, but also locally for us here in Sherwood."


"On a national level, since the Conservatives have been in office over 3 and a half million more people are now in work. That's over 3 and a half million people and families with a wage coming in. On top of that, the average weekly earnings for employees have actually increased by over 3%, so more people are getting more money."


"On top of that, nearly 4 out of 5 jobs that have been created since 2010 are actually full time jobs. We've managed to reduce the amount of people on zero hours contracts down to 2.6 per cent. Obviously we've still got more to do, but these are really positive figures and show that the Conservative's economic approach is paying off, in real terms."


"On a more local level in the East Midlands, since the Conservatives were elected in 2010 there is now 204,178 more people in work than before. On an even yet more local level here in Sherwood, the number of people claiming out of work benefits  has dropped by 954, a massive change of 49% since we were elected in 2010."


"These aren't just figures and statistics, in real terms more people have jobs, and more people are earning more money, and that's something I'm pleased that the Conservative Government has been able to deliver for the people of Sherwood, and the United Kingdom."














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