How can an MP and their office help you?

March 14, 2019



This week my office have received two bouquets of flowers from grateful constituents who we have been able to help with an issue.


This is an absolutely lovely gesture, and not at all expected from me of my staff, but I thought it could be a good opportunity to explain how me and my office, as the local MP for Sherwood, can help constituents.


How do I get help from Mark?


Any of my constituents can contact my office, either by phone, email, letter, or by popping in and talking to my team face to face to raise an issue with us and see if we can help. Equally, I hold regular surgeries across Sherwood where you can sit down with me personally and discuss your issue face to face.


How can Mark solve my issues?


As the MP, often it's not up to me to sort the problem directly, but I can apply pressure to the group or organisation that should be helping. For example, if you have had an issue with a broken lampost near your house that you have been unable to get sorted, whilst I can't directly fix it, as the MP I can contact the County Council on your behalf and raise it with them, and ask them to sort it asap.


What issues have we helped constituents with?


To date, we have helped literally hundreds of constituents with a whole range of issues, including: getting pot holes filled, getting a drivers licence returned from the DVLA, getting roads resurfaced, getting additional traffic lights installed, getting trees cut back, assisting with Ombudsman cases, getting benefits re-instated, supporting with access to mental health services, assisting with Police cases, getting a marriage certificate returned from abroad, getting a public walk-way re-opened, providing more details on a policy issue, assisting with planning issues, and many, many more besides. Chances are, if you can think of an issue, me and my team have dealt with it at one point or another.


Though obviously I cant promise to get an issue fixed, I will promise to try. If in doubt, get in touch and see if we can try and help.


What if Mark is not my MP?


Unfortunately, I can only help people who are my own constituents. If you have an issue, you should contact your own MP to see if he or she can help.


I didn't vote for Mark, can I still ask for his help?


Yes - I'm here as the Member of Parliament for Sherwood, and will try to help every single constituent if I can, irrespective of who you voted for, if indeed you voted.






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