Raising Standards in Sherwood's Schools

Sherwood is a fantastic place to live, and one reason for that is we have a high standard of education. I will work with schools, external agencies and Government in order to improve the quality and standards of Sherwood's schools. 

I know that the Government is committed to levelling up education across the board. In Nottinghamshire we are privileged to have access to some of the finest schools and nurseries in the country, whilst also being near to fantastic Higher and Further education institutions. I will continue to work with the Government and the Department for Education to ensure that Sherwood's schools have the support and resources that they need to continue to grow and improve. 


Important Information on Primary School Applications

The deadlines for applying to reception and primary school places is coming up soon, on January 15th. Over 350 Notts families have not yet applied, and need to do so in order to have any say over which schools their children might be placed in.

Sherwood wins Parliament Week award

I'm very pleased to say that Sherwood has won an award recently for the amount of 'Parliamentary themed' activities that took place during Parliament Week last year.