Potholes in Sherwood

We all know how frustrating potholes can be and my office deals with hundreds of enquiries each year regarding potholes. The team responsible for repairing and patching up potholes is the Nottinghamshire County Council Highways Team. On their website you can report any potholes you come across and within 10 working days, a member of the team will be out to assess the pothole. If they can repair it then and there- they will! If not, they will make arrangements for it to be filled in, as soon as possible. 

Nottinghamshire County Council's Pothole site can be found at https://www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/transport/roads/potholes/report-a-po… 

But should you ever need assistance with reporting a pothole, or any other highways damage- please do get in touch by using this contact form


Investing in our Local Infrastructure

As a largely rural constituency, in Sherwood infrastructure is integral for businesses and individuals alike. Whether that be your local bus service or your village hall, I will work to ensure that we all have facilities we need.