Ashfield District Council Local Plan

Ashfield District Council have published their emerging local plan. This is now open to consultation until 16th November 2021. It is vital that local residents complete the local plan consultation, as it is the best chance we have to shape it. 

I consider the plan that has been presented by the Ashfield Independent run authority to be a dereliction of duty by the Council. 

Local Plans are developed in response to the Government’s housing targets. While it is the Government that decides how many houses need to be built in an area to satisfy local demand and population growths, it is up to local authorities to decide where they are built. Ashfield District Council have opted to decimate the green belt and over run Hucknall with housing to satisfy these targets. Other areas of Ashfield are having fewer than 100 houses built; whereas in Hucknall 4,898 houses are planned.

Around 50% of all development in Ashfield as a district has been designated for Hucknall, and 84% of all houses in Hucknall will be built on green field  land. We cannot let these plans go ahead, and we cannot allow Ashfield District Council to decimate our green spaces.

The Local Plan is live for consultation. This is the most effective way of having your concerns heard by the Local Council.  You can do so by visiting:

You may also email in your response to

You may also post your response, by writing to:

Forward Plans, Place and Communities, Ashfield District Council, Urban Road, Kirkby-in- Ashfield, NG17 8DA


Protecting our Green Spaces

Our green and natural environment is part of what makes Sherwood so special. From the Major Oak to Bestwood Country Park- Sherwood is built on its green foundations. 

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MP Praises Brownfield First Policy Championed in Budget

Mark Spencer, Member of Parliament for Sherwood has praised the Budget for championing Brownfield First measures in a bid to protect local green spaces. 

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