My Plan for Sherwood

I've always been passionate about Sherwood. It's one of the reasons I got into politics as a Councillor in 2003. There is so much potential in our constituency, whether its the fantastic high streets and small businesses, or our strong and improving education system. I want to use my influence as a Member of Parliament in order to deliver good and lasting change for the area where I live. These six campaigns form 'My Plan for Sherwood'. Whether I am in Westminster, or back at home- this is what I am working on delivering. 

  • Deliver the improvements to the A614

    Whether you live in Ollerton or Oxton, improvements to the A614 will vastly improve your local area. For far too long we have had to deal with traffic and safety issues up and down the constituency.

  • Investing in our Local Infrastructure

    As a largely rural constituency, in Sherwood infrastructure is integral for businesses and individuals alike. Whether that be your local bus service or your village hall, I will work to ensure that we all have facilities we need. 

  • Support Sherwood's High Streets

    Sherwood has so many beautiful High Streets, and as your Member of Parliament I will champion our High Streets and the Small Business owners that call Sherwood, home.


  • Raising Standards in Sherwood's Schools

    Sherwood is a fantastic place to live, and one reason for that is we have a high standard of education. I will work with schools, external agencies and Government in order to improve the quality and standards of Sherwood's schools. 

  • Campaigning for a Safer Sherwood

    During the 2019 General Election, I was elected on a promise of recruiting 20,000 new police officers nationally. It is only right that Sherwood and Nottinghamshire gets their fair share. I will lobby my Ministerial colleagues to ensure that we see more police on the beat, back home. 

  • Re-open the Robin Hood Line

    Since becoming a Member of Parliament, I have lobbied Ministers and local Authorities to support my plan to reopen the Robin Hood Line and extend it from Ollerton to Shirebrook. This move would provide great investment and support jobs in the area.